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Mostrando postagens com marcador RSS. Mostrar todas as postagens

40+ Really Cool RSS Feed Icons


About 5 months ago, we brought you an ultimate list for RSS Icons. 5 months
later, a number of great free RSS icons flushed the Internet and the ultimate

list just wasn’t too ultimate anymore. To find more cool RSS icons,

we re-crawled the Internet. We’ve even looked into free icon package
so we don’t missed any cool RSS icons.
Here’s some really cool RSS feed icons for your blog
or website.
Full list after jump.

Smashing Magazine

Designed by Dirceu Veiga from Brazil especially
for Smashing Magazine as a gift for its readers.

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

FreeIconsDownload I

Six different icon colours by nyssajbrown

FreeIconsDownload II

By icojoy


Grunge RSS Banners

6 different colors of RSS Banners designed them

based on three resources of super famous freebies.

Viki Social Bookmark Iconset

17 Multicolor RSS Icon

Hat RSS Icon

Pixelvalve RSS Icon

Blogeeks RSS Icon

BarteeX RSS Icon


BrokerScience Real Estate RSS Icons

Katrin Wegmann

Skingcito RSS News


Smashy The Alien Icon Set

Photoshopstar Simple Subscribe Badge

Photoshopstar’s photoshop tutorial on creating a RSS badge. Download the PSD directly if you can’t wait.

Design Freak

Design freak has lots of really nice designed RSS icons. We are not sure if you can use them allfor free, but do check them out.



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